Terms & Conditions
These terms and conditions are made between ENERPAT UK ("the Supplier") and the Customer and shall apply to all orders placed by the Customer on the website known as ENERPAT.CO.UK. Please note we reserve the right to change, adapt and/or improve all machinery at any time.

1. PRICE: All prices exclude VAT and are correct at the time of the making of the contract with the Purchaser. ENERPAT UK reserves the right to modify prices. If prices on the website are not correct due to any errors or omissions on our part, we will inform you of the correct price and you will have the right to amend or cancel your order. If an itemís correct price is higher than our quoted price, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed.

2. DELIVERIES: All deliveries will be made to the ground floor of the premises of the customer unless otherwise agreed and will include a certificated training session. If the customer delays this process, an additional delivery charge may be necessary.

3. SUPPLY: All goods will be dispatched in the timeframe specified at the time of order. In the event that the Customer does not receive the goods specified within this timeframe the Customer shall notify the Supplier.

4. PASSAGE OF RISK: The Customer shall inspect the goods on delivery and any defect must be notified in writing within 7 days after delivery.

5. INDEMNITY: Following inspection of the goods the Customer warrants that it will not allow them to be used by its servants, employees, sub-contractors or customers without proper instruction and supervision having due regard to matters of safety and careful and proper operation. The Customer hereby indemnifies the Supplier against all claims howsoever arising where the Customer is in apparent breach of this clause.

6. WARRANTY: A one year guarantee, specific to the product you have purchased, will be provided by the supplier. This warranty is to include all parts and labour but excludes accidental damage, misuse, neglect or vandalism.

7. RETENTION OF TITLE: It is a condition of the contract that all the products delivered by the Supplier to the Customer shall remain vested in the Supplier until payment due under all orders placed with the Supplier by the Customer has been made in full. The Supplier may repossess any goods in respect of which payment is overdue by 30 days from the date of delivery and thereafter resell the same, and for this purpose the Customer hereby grants irrevocable right and license to the Supplier and its servants and agents to enter upon all or any of the customers premises in normal business hours; this right shall continue to subsist notwithstanding the termination of the contract for any reason and is without prejudice to any other rights of the Supplier.

8. CONDITION: Until payment in full has been made the Customer shall hold the goods in a fiduciary capacity for the Supplier and it shall be the responsibility of the Customer to keep the goods in good repair and condition at his own expense.

9. DEFAULT ON PAYMENT: Subject to any indulgence granted by the Supplier to the Customer in respect of specific orders it is hereby agreed that if the Customer is in default in payment after 30 days from the date of the delivery of the goods, interest shall be payable in respect of the outstanding monies at the current Judgment rate under Section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 and all regulations passed there-under or subsequently amended.

10. ADDRESSES: Our website and the offers contained therein are exclusively intended for Internet users within mainland United Kingdom.

11. WEBSITE CONTENT: We accept no responsibility for the topicality, accuracy, integrity or quality of the information provided on this site. We will not be liable for claims against us regarding damages of any kind arising from the use of this site or information contained therein, including, but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages, unless wilful or gross negligence on our part can be proven.

12. REFERRALS & LINKS/Banners: Information made available on our Internet pages may contain links to pages which are not maintained by us (e.g. "hyperlinks"). We cannot be held responsible for the content of such linked pages, unless we were to have full knowledge of incorrect, illegal or criminal content and the technical means to prevent visitors to our site from viewing those pages. All linked pages are checked at the time of publication on our website. However, we cannot be held responsible for subsequent changes or additional links to these pages, which are found to contain incorrect, illegal, or criminal content. Due to the special nature of Internet technology, we cannot warrant the integrity or accuracy of the information contained on our website. Links to external websites (e.g. via hyperlinks or banners) are not our responsibility, but rather the sole responsibility of the operator of the respective linked page. We hereby expressly declare that no illegal content was in evidence on the linked page at the time of establishing the link. We have no bearing on current or future presentations, content or authorship on linked pages. As such we do not wish to be associated with the content of linked pages updated after a link has been assigned to our website. Moreover, we do not endorse the content of external websites.

13. CREDIT FOR RETURNED PRODUCTS: No products may be returned for credit unless agreed by ENERPAT UK in writing, and any credit, if granted may be subject to the deduction of handling charges, cancellation charges and to adjustment depending on the condition of the products returned. The amount of such reduction or adjustment to be determined by ENERPAT UK. The purchaser is responsible for goods in transit insurance above and beyond what is provided as standard by the appointed carrier. Goods returned for any reason must be dispatched by the Purchaser within SEVEN DAYS of receipt of the goods by them, according to the date and time of original proof of delivery notice. Any returns after seven days may not be credited. In accordance with those terms and conditions, the Purchaser accepts the delay in returning goods for refund may invalidate any credit being given.

14. REFUND POLICY: If you are unhappy with your purchase and advise us via email within 7 days of receipt we will refund the full sales price provided the goods are returned in re-saleable condition. Please note that all refunds (including cancellation of order) are subject to the re-sale of the goods to a third party before a refund is issued.

15. DAMAGE TO GOODS: If the product arrives damaged, please ensure that you mark the carrierís delivery note as "DAMAGED". We will then arrange for either spare parts or a replacement to be sent to you. If you prefer a refund, then this will be arranged after we have collected the product and we will ensure that the refund is made to you within 28 days of receipt of your request.

16. COMPLAINTS: We will handle all complaints fairly, confidentially, effectively and speedily - always acknowledging a complaint within 5 working days, notifying you of the timescale involved and keeping you informed of our progress. This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.